Nothing to exciting happening today; I'm back at work.

Went grocery shopping over the weekend and spent $102 at the Superstore (hopefully I can make this last until next pay day although I might have to buy more fruit and veggies to stretch until then) and then spent $13 at the Sobey's ($7.99 for ice cream sandwiches, $1.79 banana flavoured milk, and $2.69 for chocolate milk).  I'm using my preggo card for that last total purchase as it was all massive cravings.  Ah well, we all have to indulge once in a while right?

I made an approved spending list as outlined on this great "program" I'm trying to do (check it out at [url=]here[/url] on  Here is a small sample of what I have so far:

-lunch meat
-fruit and veggies
-cereal (when on sale)
-meat (when on sale)
-bread (if I'm too busy to make some at home)

Unfortunatly for the 21-day spending freeze that is a top priority, I'll be buying dinner at the store tonight (rottisseried chicken with a french baquette) because I'm working late and we didnt prepare anything last night.  Tomorrow though, we're having slow cooked roast with potatoes.  Yummy!


First Post! 01/02/2009

My first post on my new blog!  How fun!

Thus far, I'm starting to organize myself into a system that will work for me.  I'm terrible at keeping things organized and usually end up with piles all over the place, so this is a big step for me. 

Last night I sat down and wrote down what my resolutions are for 2009.  They're not overly crazy like "lose 20 pounds" or "pay off all my debt" (both that cant truly be done by me anyways) so I stuck with do-able ones like:

-Make the bed every morning
-Walk the dog 3 times a week; exercise for 3 days a week also


Nice and easy!

So, what are your New Years resolutions?

-Barefoot Mama